Jeffrey Wall

Friday 9am-12pm - Knitting in the Round

Learn how to knit in the round on Double Pointed Needles, 2 circular needles and magic loop!

Friday 2pm-5pm - Fixing Mistakes

Learn how to change knit sts to purl sts, purl sts to knit sts, how to correct cables crossed incorrectly and more!

Saturday 9am-12pm - Double Knitting

Learn how to double knit from cast on to bind off. This is a basic intro to double knitting so the pattern will be the same on both sides of the work, just opposite colors. Great way to start to learn double knitting!

Saturday 2pm-5pm - HELP Desk

Stop in during this session and bring a project that has you stuck. Jeffrey will be available to figure out where you are in that UFO, help fix mistakes, answer questions , help read patterns and just about anything else that has to do with knitting.

Sunday 9am-12pm - Finishing

Learn how to sew seams and block your items.